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MTL001 mist maker with underwater light in action-Magic Sky fogger fountain Creat a Mystique with a Mist Maker Fogger Unit
It utilizes electrical oscillation frequencies, via ceramic disc's high frequencies resonance to create natural white mist(fog) on the surface of water with no chemicals, no dry ice needed what so ever, simply place it into clean tap water and see the cool-steam fog vapor ethereally rising out of water immediately, the mist add healthy moisture to any dry environment and the beneficial negative ions generated by the mist maker unit help to freshen air, adding few drops of fragrant oil to the water will produce an effect similar to an incense burner and give you a clean dreaming space.
The fogger mist will give great effect in your water fountain, pond (use our high output water fogger M003, M005 or ML09), waterfalls, or any body of water and A must have item in your Halloween party.
See the effect of our Magic Sky mist maker fogger fountain on the right which uses our item ML021 mist maker with built in LED lights which has a 16 mode light color controller. There is no water pump needed in our Magic Sky fogger fountain.

Our mist maker water fogger is also ideal for plants, it behaves as a fluid in gaseous phase which is capable of deep penetration of minute spaces. This eliminates the "free water" which contributes to contamination, disease and pollution in industrial agriculture applications of solutions using traditional methods. By adding certain easily soluble substances to the water, the user can carry out chemical or nutrient treatments which help to provide an improved product. It's just like a multi-function humidifier.

mist maker water fogger M001 with replacement disk and key Mist Maker Safety instructions, read before initial operation
1. Use only the transformer and accessories supplied with the water fogger.
2. Do not touch the ceramic disc of water fogger while in operation.
3. Do not touch response switch of mist maker while remove misting unit from water in operation.
4. Always disconnect the power supply before moving or maintenance.
5. Do not allow power supply to get wet or gather moisture.
6. Do not allow the mist maker unit electrical plug connector to get wet.
7. Do not place a container, cup, cover or any other object over the mist maker unit that completely covers the mist maker. Water must be allowed to circulate around the unit for cooling.

Instructions for use
1. Place the mister unit into a water container placidly. No matter the size of the container, there should be approximately 1 1/2 inches of water above the ceramic disc of mist unit. The deeper unit sits in the water, the less the mist coming out. You can use our mist governor or fog regulator to control the fog output. If water level is below the sensing probe, it will stop producing the mist automatically.
2. Connect the power cable leading from the mist unit to the power cable of the the transformer unit.
3. Plug the transformer unit into the A/C power socket. A red light on the mist unit indicates the mist unit in on. If installed properly, it will begin producing the mist immediately.

General suggestions for optimum use
1. Do not operate fogger more than 8 hours per day. Connecting the transformer to a timer will insure your mist unit operating only when needed.
2. The mist unit sends up small jets of water while in operation. Your container should be large enough to provent water from splashing outside the container. Otherwise you need a water splash guard. Do not place the unit where water spillage or condensation will cause damage to furniture, electronic products or floors.
3. Use of clean water is recommended. When the water is dirty, change it with clean water in time(dirty water will affect normal misting production).
4. Do not use household abrasive cleaners on any part of the mist unit. You may clean it with soft cloth in clean water.

replacement disc/disk and key for mist maker with underwater light MTL01 and MTL01A water fogger Mist Maker Maintenance & Water Fogger Ceramic replacement Disc/Disk and key
After operation the mist unit for some time, you may notice a decrease in the amount of mist produced or it may stop working altogether. At that time, you should either clean or replace the ceramic disc.
There are two different size mist ceramic disc/disk in the market, big one size is 20mm(about 3/4 inch), smaller one is 16mm(little less than 5/8 inch), make sure you get the right one for your fogger. The difference between 20mm and 16mm is that 20mm one has higher output, generates more mist than the 16mm one.
Follow the instruction below to change the disc/disk:
1. Unplug the fogger power and remove fogger from water container, dry it with soft cloth.
2. Using the replacement disc/key tool, insert the key into the winding ring and turn counter clockwise.
3. Remove the filler piece(washer) and ceramic disc. IMPORTANT, note that there is a front and back of the ceramic. Be sure to reinstall with the correct side(No black color ring side) facing up.
4. Clean mineral deposits on the ceramic with a sofe cloth and reinstall it or proceed to install a new ceramic disk in the reverse order of the above.
5. The inside area of the fogger cavity must be completely dry before the parts are installed.

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