garden summer cooling system garden summer cooling system
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     Summer is hot! So is our outdoor cooling system! With our 5 head outdoor cooling system, your outdoor temperatures can be cooled off as much as 20 degrees. It is the summer solution for your patio, porch, pool side, pet house, green garden or anywhere cooling is needed.
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This cooling system doesn't require electric power, just simply attach its hose adaptor to water tap or garden hose, brass nozzels can turn water into very fine mist like fog, and cool you off up to 20 degrees! pet cooling system Great For Cooling Pets...
system kit Item # AM05; 5 head outdoor cooling system, cooling area approximate 10'X4', water consumption only 1 gallon per nozzle per hour. System is expandable up to 15 nozzles in 30' of mist cooling.
System comes with 20 feet (6m) of poly tubing, 5 patented fittings, 5 high quality brass misting nozzels, 5 hanging snap clips, 1 hose adapter and 1 end cap. Ready to cool.
Price: $34.95/set, 2 or more: $29.95/set
Shipping included in U.S.A.
Nazzels adjust 360 degree
Nazzels Adjust 360 Degree
attach snap clips
Easy Installation
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