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LED Optical Laminar Water Jet Information & Applications
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Light travel in curve! Introducing the LED lighted optical water jet! This laminar water jet looks clear like a glass tube, Great for fountain, pond & water garden.
Prices include ground shipping and handling fees for shipping address within the 48 mainland United States.
LED laminar water jet

  Laminar Water Jets

Amazing total internal reflection of blue light in a curve water jet. A jet of water "traps" light, looks like an optical fiber.

optical laminar water jet Connecting to a water pump(picture left using 1500gph pump), this optical laminar water jet can shoot up to 8' across and is still keeping in shape and clear like a glass tube. Light travels from the jet LED source all way to the touching down splashing spot without loosing much light.

OWJ-2 optical water jet comes with a preinstalled 5W LED light which runs on AC 12V low voltage. The jet itself needs no electric power to shoot but by the water presure from pump.
optical laminar water jet installation   How does it work?
Connecting one end of a hose(not included, hose inside diameter no less than 1.25") to the water jet intake, another end to a water pump(you may use worm gear clamps for the connections), water from pump goes through the jet and shoot back to the pool, and keeps circulating just like the picture shown on the left.
Laminar water jet OWJ-2 can swing in different shooting angle, depending on water pump's flow rate, the optimum flow rate for OWJ-2 is 1500gph which can reach the furthest shooting distance without crooked.
LED lighted optical laminar water jet
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  Item number: OWJ-2; Blue LED optical laminar water jet.
Water jet shooting diameter: Ø1/2" (Ø14mm)
Unit size: 14"H x Ø8 3/4"(barrel diameter)
Unit swing angle: 150 degree.
Water intake: Ø1 1/4"(diameter)
LED light cord: 80" (2 meter)
Including a pre-installed 5W AC 12V blue or color changing LED light and a 12VAC UL transformer.
Unit weight: 17 lbs.
Price: $299.00/each; 2 or more, $289.00/each.
Pump and fountain are not included.
Shipping included to 48 U.S. continental states;
Light color select
high output submersible Jebao fountain AC water pump   Item number: WP5000
110V/60Hz AC UL approved submersible Jebao water pump for fountain, waterfalls, and good for using with OWJ-2 LED optical laminar water jet.
Output 1584gph, 190W, head max 18 ft, cable length 32 ft.
Pump size: 8"(L) x 5"(W) x 5.5"(H), tube connector 1"(diameter)
Price: $96.95/each;
Shipping included to 48 U.S. continental states
laminar wate jet replacement LED light   Item number: OJ5W
5W replacement LED light for OWJ-2 laminar water jet, laminar water jet comes with one preinstalled blue or color changing light, you may change or replace the light when needed. When not running the jet, make sure to turn off the light, running without water could reduce light bulb's lifespan or burn out.
Light size: 1 1/4"(dia) x 6 5/16"(L)
Light housing: aluminium Available light color: blue or color changing(red, blue, green and mixed)
Price: $85.95/each;
Shipping included to 48 U.S. continental states
Light color select

Please select a stronger Pump if running 2 of more jets together.

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